Company overview

With the blessings of Mr. AbdelhamiedAbutaleb , The founder ,we have quickly developed as a market leader. Based on his sharp business expertise and futuristic approach. We are also supported by our reputed suppliers who are equipped with advanced and automatic machineries that completely eliminate the human error.

General Information

aboutusAbutaleb Company is a 21 years old company.We are Exporters of medical plants, herbs , seeds and Spices. Our spices are prepared using natural ingredients and processed using advanced machines. We offer these spices in various customized packaging that allows us to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Further, our expertise also allows us to undertake contract manufacturing, private labeling and contract packaging for our clients.

You will find the highest quality of natural products formulated by team of expertise .

We genuinely appreciate you for helping us celebrate 23 years of "Herbal Excellence".


ISO 9001


Chamomile (Flowers , Powder ,stems, for industry , Fine Cut , Seeds... Etc.. ) , Spearmint (Crushed , Whole Leaves ) , Peppermint ( Crushed , Whole Leaves ), Calendula ( Flowers , Petals ) ,Anisseeds,Watermelon , sesame , cumin , Fennel Seeds , Caraway Seeds , Coriander Seeds , Parsley , Hibiscus ( flowers, tea bags ) , Marjoram ( green grey , green ) and half dry dates.Henna , senna ,